3D深海疾跑存档 内购破解版。[查看游戏详情]

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Dive in and surf the seabed!

Surf underwater and complete levels by grabbing bonuses and floating puzzle pieces! Test your limits by surfing as far as possible and collecting as many seahorses as you can.

Simply swipe your finger to jump and slide along the bottom of the ocean. Take advantage of the relief: bounce on gelatinous jellyfish and catapult yourself off scallop shells!

But, beware! Your underwater surfer’s talent will be put to the test! Dodge explosive sea urchins, coral reefs and the huge Monster Fish which lurks below.

Avoid the terrors of the deep and the various obstacles to reach 20,000 seahorses under the sea!

A fast paced running game with easy gameplay: jump & slide.
Find the 4 puzzle pieces in one level to unlock the next, through 30 different levels.
Keep up a good pace to avoid the obstacles in your way.
Collect lots of collectibles, upgrades and power-ups.
Social features and leaderboards for each level.
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